, jinx101 wrote

I mean, the office team has also said that there were things about Office that just don't work with the Modern UI (now).  On a desktop or laptop there's just no way I'm going to be using Office in a Metro app.  The "emmersive" experience irritates me when I want multiple things displayed at the same time (and pinning at this point just doesn't work well for that in a lot of cases).  What doesn't annoy me on a tablet does on a desktop and that's what I use pretty much all day.

That's why I'm hoping they'll extend WinRT to the desktop and allow WinRT app to work in both places. Running on a tablet? Great; stick with the Windows 8 Store App environment. Running on a desktop? stick with the more traditional windowing environment.

I know it's still pretty early on for the OneNote Windows 8 Store App but when you get down to taking notes it's terrible. Don't get me wrong; the UI is great for the tablet but even on the tablet there is no true inking (it's really just drawing), no pen color selection, no audio notes, limited tags,  no Outlook integration, and the damn keyboard keeps popping up when you're trying to take notes with the pen. I wouldn't even call it an alpha at this stage. Yes it's free so at that price it's great for what it is. The radial menus are cool. The workflow is pretty good and it looks nice. My concern is that in moving Office apps to the Windows 8 Store App environment everything will be dumbed down like the Mail app. Is anyone at Microsoft proud of the Mail app? C'mon, really?

, elmer wrote

Is it just me? Every time I read 're-imagine' my skin crawls.

The sad thing is re-imagining is like dreaming. How often do dreams come true?