, Harlequin wrote

Well, that would be on the desktop, with extra spaces or something around buttons, and bigger touch-points. The ribbon as we know it doesn't belong in a Windows Store application.

I agree. I think it would be difficult to cram the ribbon into the standard action bar of a Windows 8 Store App. The only ideas my little pea-brain can "re-image" the ribbon as:

  1. Layered: like the radial menu in the OneNote Windows 8 Store App you would drill into feature sets.
  2. Scroll: as an endless scrolling bar like the start screen.
  3. Minimal: like the Mail app throw out all but the most commonly used features and then throw out some more.
  4. Combo: Minimal with a radial context menu. Everything they couldn't fin in the action bar would go in the radial menu. This seems to be the approach with the OneNote Windows 8 Store App.

While the UI may be more touch friendly no matter which way you cut it it would be more work to access features for both touch and keyboard + mouse users because they are either buried or scrolled off the screen.