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    , bondsbw wrote

    So I feel like we have invested, and continue to invest, tons of energy, time, and money into LOB development on a desktop platform that is dead.  (And by dead, I don't mean it has been removed.  I'm just saying it has no life, and to me little hope of breathing again.)

    Dead? What does desktop (Win32) have to do with WinRT? WinRT apps are designed for touch-first experience, to run in a sandbox with a very different execution model (and underlying management infrastructure), predictable user safety (sandbox...). Windows Store apps employ a very different installation and update model, too... Windows Store apps are different than Win32 apps. Is that the problem?

    Are you really talking about WPF - which has always been about the Windows desktop? Last I checked, we shipped a new version along with .NET 4.5 that includes several new features, performance improvements, etc...

    What can't you do on the desktop in Windows 8 (x86) that you could do before? Can you provide some specific information? Otherwise, we're just talking in generalities which means we're getting nowhere fast...

    WPF 4.5: