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Disnar / Pixney  ?

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    This is good. (isnt it?) John Lasseter - head of animation at pixar - is now head of disney.for last long while.
    (wonder what happened to rest of orig pix team ed catmul..? etc)


    i liked this. i saw his name on Bolt - and then knew why i liked that movie so much - cause he had a hand in it.

    Tangled. That was disney - but again - john was overseeing it - last word - lasseter Wink

    I think anything he touches he gives magic too. 

    But... disney makes ...a lot ... of things - so many ... no one person can account for all of them


    do you think:

     lasseter is the new disney (amen) or is he set up as a save the company christ figure with expectations no-one could live up too?


    i mean... Up... Wall-e .... "oh those are my older funnier films"  WA


    basically - is disney better now? is pixar worse? does pixar not matter now that its john lennon is heading disney? Does it rain mainly on the plain in spain?



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    @jamie: I really liked 'meet the robinsons' as well, and I believe that was also a Disney production with John involved in some key way

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    well i will check it out. never saw it.  it must be crazy over there right now....  keep the faith!  Wink

    *remember - if you post all your new cars - and mods to them on facebook - and change your avatar to a cigar smoking aristocrat - you too can work at twitter. Tongue Out

    (sorry jeff - your gone now  - fair game Wink


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