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    , kettch wrote

    @MasterPie: Disney parks never get old. I know a few families who live near Disney parks. They have season passes, and go a couple times a month and indicate that they don't get tired of it. I also have known people who worked at Disneyland, and I've spoken with current empl^H^H^H^Hcast members, and the answer to the question "What do you do on your day off?" is always "Go to the park".

    Very true. That's why after many many short trips, I came to prefer the MGM Stuidos park for its open air landscaping design. Most pleasant. Animal Kingdom comes in second because you're walking down corridors lined with bamboo so much it feels uncomfortable walking between areas. However, the visuals at Animal Kingdom are the best ~ the African village stands out for me.

    Epcot was where I would go for beer. Mmmmmm, beer. Good beer there.