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View Thread: Do top level MS people at least listen to online journalists?
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    , elmer wrote


    As already discussed in another thread, most users want dancing bunnies, and something missing from WP8 that is available on iOS or Android, will be seen as a deal-breaker. This doesn't need to make sense, it just is... like people choosing phones because they have the highest spec numbers, regardless of whether it's useful, important or even sensible.

    Every single one of these could very well be a deal breaker. But most we know are at least be discussed, if they haven't already been fixed in code that just hasn't been delivered, while the rest are simply lower priority items than other more pressing concerns. I'm not dismissing anything here... Daniel is spot on that these are problems. I'm just not sure I (or Microsoft) consider them "top 10", and their definitely not worthy of much attention right now, other than ketch's point that it's a slow news day. If you pay any attention to WPCentral, all of these have been brought up before, so other than filler when there's nothing else to report, there was little reason for this blog post. *shrug*