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View Thread: Do top level MS people at least listen to online journalists?
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    We all know that the people at Microsoft who have the power to make a real difference tend to just ignore anything bad being said about their products and that complaining on C9 won't change anything. It's gone on for so long that they could never get anything done if they payed to much attention to it.

    SO... I wonder how many of these people at least read articles from reputable websites like WPCentral?
    Is the way to get our concerns heard simply to make sure that the people who actually have a chance of getting heard know what the majority of us (mostly tech geeks) care about most? Using people like WPCentral as a go-between?

    Daniel Rubino just wrote an article named "8 things that Microsoft needs to fix in Windows Phone 8 right now".
    He didn't come up with all those points by himself. He's a journalist (in the modern online kind of way) and his job involves listening to what the users of Microsoft products want and need, things most of us can agree should be done to keep the slow moving goliath company moving in the right direction.

    So... Complaining on C9 which is owned by a team at Microsoft just leads to other 9ers saying "stop complaining" and probably isn't going to help anyway because the higher ups stopped listening to complaints from geeks on forums a LONG time ago.

    Other than the forums at WPCentral, for example, where else is a good place for people to voice their concerns about weaknesses in MS products? Somewhere where the people running the site can spot trends on what the people want/need and then write about them in a more organized way that has a chance to get noticed.

    I know Long Zheng doesn't want to do a Win8 Taskforce website but a similar site would be nice too.