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View Thread: Do top level MS people at least listen to online journalists?
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    Even discussions here on C9 are fine and probably trickle into the MS conscious at leas a little. What's not useful is beating the same drum over and over. That's trolling, and poisons the community. Some complaint/constructive criticism not discussed yet? By all means, bring it here (though UserVoice is likely the better place to get the right attention).

    As for this article, like the article itself says, we know about half is stuff that's in the works and/or at least being discussed. One or two of the others aren't features but hard problems to solve (in particular the complaints about the Xbox Live games). Most of the rest seem like low priority things, even if I'd like them (for instance, there's no need for an X to close out apps, but it would make it slightly easier to deal with and I'd like that feature). So, going only by this list (and I have a lot of respect for Daniel and like WPCentral), there's not much urgency here, IMHO. I think there's more urgent things, to be quite honest.