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Do you code in your sleep?

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    Woke up this morning and realised that I had dreamed an enhancement for an App I am developing. 

    Not a regular occurence but I think I have done this before.

    Am I normal?


    BTW Next version of 'Live Tile News' will allow toggling of Live Tiles on or off the phones' home screen by dragging down and momentarily holding down the chosen listbox/news type within the app. 

    Don't know if it is but I dreamed that this was a good idea(!) 

    Just got up and coded it for real & will add it to the next version ...  

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    Dr Herbie

    I do have ideas for features as I lie dozing in the morning, but not while actually asleep; I'm far too busy playing Assassins Creed Revelations in my sleep.


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    Maddus Mattus

    @Ian2: best coding solutions are created in the shower Smiley

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    Sven Groot

    I do Thread.Sleep in my code...

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    I have had that kind of thing happen to me as well. Awoke with what is effectively a clear path to a solution for a problem faced in prior days. Surreal for sure but exciting none the less.

    One day years and years ago I was working on a process control project in assembly language for some 6502 based process controllers. Sat down that morning and was just staring at the screen. The next thing I knew it as like 1 in the afternoon. I don't remember a thing that occurred during the 5 hrs or so between point a and b, but I knew exactly how I was going to implement the interrupt driven scheduler for the project, by 8pm that evening it was done. I was astonished needless to say, and still remember that day 25 years ago, (except for those 5 hrs that I just completely zoned out).



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    @Ian2: This is a frequent occurrence for me, though through pressure, since I have to produce results. The people I work for expect miracles every three of four days.

    I am not sure how good for my health this is mind

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    Yes Smiley

    Apparently Bill Gates did that too !

    I'd occasionally catch Bill grabbing naps at his terminal during our late-nighters. He'd be in the middle of a line of code when he'd gradually tilt forward until his nose touched the keyboard. After dozing for an hour or two, he'd open his eyes, squint at the screen, blink twice, and resume precisely where he'd left off—a prodigious feat of concentration.

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    I have no experience ,though I do my App hard,does it mean I am not pay enough attention on it .....

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    Yes.  During sleep is the best time to design.  Your brain is the most free to evolve down a creative path.

    Daytime is just for collecting customer wants and desires.  Nighttime is the best time to create the answer.

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    Maddus Mattus

    When your cerebellum takes over the simple tasks, it then frees up cerebrum for the much harder tasks.

    That's why when you sleep, sheit, shave or shower you come up with the most brilliant ideas Smiley

    At least, that's what Sheldon said in an episode of The Big Bang Theory when he was doing what Penny does, to free up his mind. I may have misquoted him Wink

    "It's a wave!"

    "The time to applaud would be now!"

    Ok, me a geek,.. I confess,..

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    Generally I find that many of the solutions I've discovered to hardest problems come when I am away from the computer. (Sometimes when I am doing #2 on the toilet, I guess it's inspirational..)

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    No idea, since I don't remember most of the time. In the early days, my most creative moments were in the hours around midnight.

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    I come up with the best ideas when I'm doing something completely unrelated...sort of how House solves medical mysteries amidst casual conversation.

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    I used to. As I get older sleep is more important.


    Get off my lawn.

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    @blowdart:you're obviously not THAT old. I don't care about sleeping anymore Smiley

    When I was in my 20s, I had a very hard problem to solve, something related to a set of transaction reconciliations in a bookkeeping software my company was writing.

    I was driving my Guzzi V35 Imola home from work, and I saw straight in front of me, in grey and yellow characters on a 14" screen, a fully implemented algorithm that would solve the issue. After avoiding the car stopping in front of me, I quickly drove home and wrote it down.

    It worked Smiley

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    , PaoloM wrote

     and I saw straight in front of me, in grey and yellow characters on a 14" screen, a fully implemented algorithm that would solve the issue.

    Hehe, when I first read this, I didn't see "14" screen" and had assumed that someone had written out the entire algorithm on the car in front of you.

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    My favorite dreams are when I compose music in my dreams - my usual dreams only rarely involve fully conscious control but in these musical dreams I can do things I only wish I could do when awake. eg. I can't play/think multiple real sounding instruments playing simultanously but in the dream that kind of arrangement decisions can be made what feels "realtime" while the composition is evolving constantly.

    The most annoying part is that I remember no details at all of the music when I wake up eventually.

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