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View Thread: Do you find yourself straying from the .Net world?
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    With all the uproar about windows 8, html5 and javascript etc etc do you find that your looking or looking hard at other languages etc.

    I've been a Ms Developer for about 15 years now and from VB to c#. Before that as a 13 year old teaching myself z80 then going on to 6502 and then 68000 finally onto C and C++. But now i feel like until Build I'm not that intrested in MS technologies. I must admit its been fun , exciting and scary looking else where and a programming world without c# scares the living daylights out of me. Dont get me wrong I've never ingored the the rest of the Programming world, I've always got an eye out for other stuff.

    so what have you looked at or looked at harder since "The Shift" ?

    mine are

    1. Leaning javascript properly (still yuk!) not becuase of MS but the day job is web dev.

    2. Ruby, something I've always told myself i didnt have the time for.

    3. Node.js, I was just curious.