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    , cbae wrote


    You don't seem to know what "double standard" means. Obama was for DOMA while he was running for this first term and still won. He didn't change his mind because he thought it would improve his chances for election.[/quote]

    If you think his views on same sex marriage, DOMA, or most anything since taking office and subsequently 'evolving'... I've got a bridge to sell you.

    As for the individual mandate, it was put into the ACA to make it more palatable to right-wingers.

    Revise history much? Or would you like to offer a citation to a claim I've never heard before other than from you right now... and believe me... I've heard plenty.

    It was, after all, first proposed by the Heritage Foundation.

    Now you've at least gone from complete baloney to having a nugget of truth... of course what most who the talking point you just raised fail to understand what it was exactly they proposed... something that is actually illegal now under ObamaCare.

    It's the two-faced GOP that decided call it "unconstitutional" once Obama supported it for the ACA. The truth is Obama still prefers having a public option, and I'll go so far as to say he'd still prefer a single payer system, but he knows something like that would never have passed with the crazed lunatics on the right side of aisle ready to scream "Socialism!" at the drop of a hat.

    Now you are just ignoring large periods of time. Are you choosing to be ignorant? Or is it accidental?

    It wasn't just the republicans who were fighting the proposed legislation... but the American people as well. You will recall that the democrats didn't exactly need any republican votes to get it passed... so acted accordingly... unfortunately they had to try to keep their own folks in line... something that was hard considering only a portion of would support a single player or public option... so they twisted arms in pretty impressive ways.

    You are free to worship whatever god you like, choose one version of cola as your fav over another, or even think the world would have been better with pees x instead of y ... but don't dare for a moment to try to reinvent history with regards to ObamaCare around or to me... it is a topic I have studied extensively.