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    , dahat wrote

    @sysrpl:ahh more spinning and attempts to deflect and rationalize while trying to put plenty of words in my mouth.

    I will not play along.

    My sole point was the hilarity of the double standard at play here... someone accusing someone else of they very sort of behavior that the first has engaged in for years.

    You don't seem to know what "double standard" means. Obama was for DOMA while he was running for this first term and still won. He didn't change his mind because he thought it would improve his chances for election.

    As for the individual mandate, it was put into the ACA to make it more palatable to right-wingers. It was, after all, first proposed by the Heritage Foundation. It's the two-faced GOP that decided call it "unconstitutional" once Obama supported it for the ACA. The truth is Obama still prefers having a public option, and I'll go so far as to say he'd still prefer a single payer system, but he knows something like that would never have passed with the crazed lunatics on the right side of aisle ready to scream "Socialism!" at the drop of a hat.