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View Thread: Does Live 3rd party sign-in leak information without being upfront with you about it?
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    , GoddersUK wrote

    I'd be interested to know how them asking for your contacts' email addresses sits with data protection legislation.

    a) Is it legal for me to give their contact details away without their permission (does the legislation apply to private individuals or not)?

    b) (Depending on jurisdiction) they're not allowed to hold, use, disseminate or otherwise do anything with those email addresses without the permission of the account owners, which they don't have. So on what legal basis are they asking for it and can I sue them?

    (Huffington Post UK has a registered address of 

    Shropshire House
    11-20 Capper Street
    WC1E 6JA
    United Kingdom

    which would presumably give UK courts jurisdiction over their UK site?)

    Turns out it's not that legal (in Canada and the Netherlands, anyway):