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View Thread: Does Microsoft plan to continue supporting Win32 APIs after Windows 8 is released (desktop applications)
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    , PeterDouglas wrote

    @IDWMaster: Don't forget, anything written in WinRT MUST be installed from Microsoft Marketplace. Chew on that candy for a while! You no longer are ALLOWED to give YOUR application to whoever you like WITHOUT PERMISSION from Microsoft.

    The bigger question is not about Win APIs, the question is, is your PC YOURS anymore?

    Of course, anything else rather than praises and flowers will be bashed here by the 10-15 regulars hanging in here. Don't expect much from them. Their bags are all empty.

    I would like to point out that this is not true. Applications may also be distributed within Enterprise businesses through Windows Server, and Microsoft announced other alternative means of distribution as well, but haven't provided any details on them yet.I would also like to point out that I have no problem with this app model as long as "desktop applications" are still supported, and is not considered a "legacy" feature that will be dropped in the next version of Windows.

    Bottom line: THE DESKTOP SHOULD NOT be a legacy feature.