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Does Windows RT support storage spaces?

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    What with the current pricing slash on Surface RT devices I've been thinking that a Surface RT might make for an interesting home server. Since it runs on ARM it consumes little energy, and you still have all the file share/homegroup functionality. Seeing how Storage Spaces is pretty much the new Drive Extender, that would be ideal for mirroring and ad-hoc addition and removal of external hard drives. Basically it'd be a €200 low power Windows Server. I just can't figure out if Storage Spaces are actually supported on RT. Anyone with an RT device who knows?

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    Damn, exactly the one feature I wanted is not supported. Who even 3D-prints from an RT tablet?

    Oh well, thanks for the info.

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    @felix9:  Nice link.  I didn't realize that Windows RT had such feature parity with the basic Windows 8.1.  The only differences I see are (obviously) running x86 apps, Storage Spaces, Windows Media Player (but there are other apps for that), and maximum RAM.

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