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Does anyone know how this can be done on Windows?

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    I want to write a program which allows users to play sound clips into their microphone (recording device) so that they can mix in clips with their voice while using VOIP software (Ventrillo or Skype for example) from their PC. When I say play sound clips into their microphone, I mean the user presses a button, and the sound clip is played that both the user and the people on the other end of the VOIP connection can hear. What API functions can be used to do this on Windows?

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    This isn't a particularly technical solution, but it might get you thinking in the right direction. You can enable the "Stereo Mix" (on some hardware this option seems to be well hidden, but AFAIK it's always there) as a recording device via control panel (i.e. the output from the Windows mixer that is played to your speakers/headphones). It will then show up in the list of potential microphones in Skype (whether or not they can be changed mid call, I don't know).

    Sadly I can't tell you how to automate the above...

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    this project using the excellent naudio library might help

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    Blue Ink

    Just a quick thought: unless you force your users to use headphones, the background sound will be picked up by the microphone. Mixing it again with the same sound (with some delay) will be tricky at best.

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