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View Thread: Does anyone use on-line backup solutions?
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    Why are backups still such a pain? I've been using SyncToy to back stuff up to a NAS but it's still kind off annoying. Computers are often in standby when the backup is scheduled to run so they only run every now and then when the machine happens to be on... which is annoying because then I'm actually doing something on it. And then of course it's still not offsite. I suppose I could switch the NAS every month or so but that would require discipline on my end which means it's already a failure.

    WHS was close to ideal, but the wake on LAN was unreliable: it couldn't wake up my laptop and my desktop wouldn't shut down again after it had been woken. And, again: not offsite.

    How do you guys let Skydrive sync your My Documents? Do you have to change some sort of registry setting that sets the path to your user profile to point inside the skydrive folder?