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View Thread: Does anyone use on-line backup solutions?
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    Dr Herbie

    After reading about Robert Llewellyn having several PCs stolen from his home, and how he was relieved that he had used Carbonite for on-line backup of family photos etc, I started to think seriously about this as a solution.

    Does anyone here have experience of on-line backup solutions on low bandwidth (we get about 2Mb down and about 0.7Mb up)?

    Carbonite looks ok -- about £40 a year for unlimited storage (we have about 20Gb of photos I'd like to store from the start and obviously we still take more), but I'm more worried about the bandwidth. I could use my free 25Gb Skydrive space, but we'd run out eventually and I would want everything automatically uploaded without manual intervention.



    EDIT : Just looked at Skydrive storage costs and they're not too bad, just need to try out the Skydrive application to see if it will do what I need.  Carbonite also adds encryption for documents anyone know how secure Skydrive storage is for encryption?