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View Thread: Does anyone use on-line backup solutions?
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    We went with the Crashplan Pro and chose the unlimited plan, pretty much the best pricing for a single SBS server small business --- what I was confused by earlier was their "choose the best plan" selection wizard becomes stupid apparently if you specify a quantity of "1" computer. So you get an outrageous comparison of "Should I pay $35/mo for 100GB or $7/mo for unlimited? Gee."

    It was not until I realized that they really don't intend for you to ever put the number "1" in that text box that it made sense as the prices make more sense when you specify multiple computers.

    As far as speed of initial upload goes, I was pretty much assuming it would take a month for this client's data, but I hadn't realized at the time she upgraded her Internet to a 25Mbps upload so her 700GB of data is only going to take a few days with the amount of BW I allocated to Crashplan. That's cool as hell.

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