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View Thread: Does anyone use on-line backup solutions?
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    I've been trying to find an online backup solution that's affordable for a really small business that happens to have a server. Unfortunately, most are either woefully inadequate (250GB is nothing. Some really small businesses have big files), or if they have a reasonably priced plan at about 2TB or unlimited, their client software will only install on a workstation class PC and not the SBS box where the files are, even though it's advertised as a business plan.

    The only one that seems reasonable is CrashplanPro for small business, but I'm really worried about the page where you select your plan ... what it basically boils down to is "Pay $7.49/month for unlimited, or pay thousands a month if you choose a capacity." Huh? 

    I think the only online backup I'm going to be doing is telling my client to get a PC at her house with enough space and just run the CrashPlan software peer to peer, and it'll only cost the hardware and Windows 7 license.