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View Thread: Does windows phone have a flagship/marketing problem
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    I had an Android phone which broke, so I'm using my girlfriends old Windows 7 phone. 

    - Mobile MS Office Apps
    - Live Tiles
    - Navigation
    - Ease of use
    - email integreation is butter!!

    - Locked down, can't even customize tile colors
    - No central download area
    - APPS #@%&^^%%^&&^
    - APPS Cost 200-400% more, and NEVER get updated.
    - APPS Very limited selection
    - Locked down, can't download unsupported file formats.
    - Locked down, app developers are limited to what they can do.
    - Locked down, can't switch out default browser
    - Locked down, can't remove Bing for search
    - Games = WEAK
    - eReader = LOL

    Microsoft is really missing the potential of what Windows Phones could be. They need to allow more freedom with their devices. I shouldn't have to hack into the phone registry to change my tiles to a custom color. Developers should have less restrictions on the ability to customize the phone outside of a sandboxed app. MS needs to throw some money behind developers and get more apps, better apps, and cheaper apps on the marketplace like BB did with 10. All the slick television commercials in the world won't make people buy a phone with a sickly marketplace.

    I have a great idea for a game, but should I spend all my time creating it for a marketplace where user reviews number in the dozens or one where they number in the thousands? For me the win phone market is a bad wager, but having a web developer background making a Windows 8 (Desktop) App with languages I'm familiar with is very appealing.