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View Thread: Does windows phone have a flagship/marketing problem
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    I'm unconcerned about apps, downloads, games, readers, alternate browsers, search providers, music, photos, camera, etc etc, as I simply don't use them. I also couldn't give a rat's a* about themes and spending my time customising a phone.

    That's not to say I don't appreciate that other people do care about such features, just that I think there is a large market for people who just want a phone that is intuitive to use and cheap to own.

    I happen to have a Nokia 920 because work provided it, but they could have given me a Nokia 620 (or 120 if such a thing existed) and so long as it ran WP I would have been perfectly satisfied.

    The one thing I can say about the 920 is that it appears to continue Nokia's tradition of toughness, after I've already managed to drop it down a flight of bare-concrete stairs in the building's fire-escape, and it only has a small scratch as evidence of that. I tried out an iPhone for a short while (courtesy of work) but managed to destroy it within a few weeks, while my previous Nokia survived years of such abuse, so let's hope this phone can do the same, as I'm unlikely to get less clumsy.

    The one big failing of this (and similar) phones is the battery life, and that is what I'd like to see improved.