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    I need a hosting service so I've been reading up on Azure.  The service sounds good although the pricing requires a four year degree to understand.   The company I work for is going to roll out some big project on it and they want developers to learn the API so I was pretty incentivized to get started. 

    When I go to the sign up page, I see that giving MS my phone number is required to set up an account.  Really?  Is MS not satisfied they can track every time I turn on my computer, every website I visit, every word I search for, every file on my computer, every email I send and receive.  This company knows more about me than girlfriend and family members. And now they want to be able to spam me on the single device that I reserve for communicating with my friends and family.

    The brazen, shameless, intrusion into our personal lives by corporate entities simply has to be stopped.  Its out of control, and has been for a long time.

    Guys please help me help Microsoft.  Don't give them your phone number.

    BTW please don't tell me how MS needs my phone number to contact me if my site goes down, my bill is past due, blah blah blah.  I can see how THE USER might want that as an OPTION, not as a REQUIREMENT.