What if you went to the grocery store and went up to the counter and the clerk said "I'll need your phone number before I can ring you up.  Your receipt will be sent to your phone.".  Would you do it?  How is it any different than what MS is doing with Azure?

I cant give them a fake number because they text a confirmation code to it.

For the record MS has been good about not spamming except when I installed windows 8.  Now I get a lot of email for windows store.  I don't want to have to trust them. 

Also, for spam email I can send it to a junk folder.  When I get a text on my phone I expect it to be from someone I know and I often stop what I'm doing to read it.  When its spam I go berserk.  It is so completely intrusive that some idiot or some company can inject themselves into your daily life like that.

This is yet another step, and its a big one, down the slippery slope of eradication of personal privacy. 

Its also another big step toward making our planet a toilet bowl of corporate advertising. I am no longer able to listen to AM radio, nor am I able to watch NFL football or most TV shows because the amount of advertisng is off-the-chart.