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View Thread: Double use of the word "Metro" has/will hurt Microsoft
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    Metro is a confusing term.  It has been double defined.  It means the new Microsoft UI Design  (applied to Visual Studio, Office and various Websites). 

    But it is also being applied to Win RT apps (that also use the Metro UI Design).

    Of the two of these, the one that Microsoft really, really needs to have succeed is Win RT.  (So they can claim part of the mobile pie that they have so very little of now.)

    There are two kinds of developers that will be attracted to Win RT.  Those wanting to make $$$ and those passionate about software development (especially mobile).

    The first group will come.  Some will make real apps.  Most will make silly fart apps or something like that.

    The second group is in danger of not showing up to the party.  Because they are "Passionate" about software development, they are the same group that is active on the blog comments and User Voice.

    Many (if not most) of these are very upset about the new Visual Studio UI.  (This post is not about the merits (or lack of merits) in the new UI.)

    The real problem for Microsoft is that the Visual Studio UI changes were done in the name of "Metro".  That creates a lot of negative Goodwill on the word "Metro" for these "Passionate" developers.  

    Even though Win RT is more than the Metro UI style, Microsoft has caused these two concepts to be lumped together for many of these developers.

    So, by making all these "passion" based developers angry at the UI (under the cause of "Metro") Microsoft has soured many of them on Win RT (which is also being called "Metro").

    It seems to me that Microsoft took (or will take) a huge hit in the War for mobile dominance so that they could win the one battle of the "Metrofication" of Visual Studio.

    Am I seeing this wrong?