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View Thread: Downgrade Rights?
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    , Craig_​Matthews wrote

    Why would you need Windows 7 if you upgraded to 8? It's not like anyone's being forced to use the Metro start screen or Metro apps. At least, that's what I keep hearing here.

    While there's some alternate methods that people can use to get to the desktop, Microsoft disabled the changes that you could make that would allow you to boot directly to the desktop (bypassing the startup-screen-formally-known-as-Metro) and have the "start orb" displayed. Apparently this was done shortly before the RTM build to "clean up" legacy code in the operating system.

    Yeah. Right.

    It's pretty clear that Microsoft has taken the position that sooner or later we're all going to use this new UI, and we're going to learn to like it, whether we really want to or not.