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    , Sven Groot wrote


    "What's the doctor's name?"


    "The doctor! What's his name?"

    "Doctor Who."

    "That's what I'm asking you!"

    Tongue Out

    (too bad his name isn't actually Doctor Who)


    actually the gag has been running for years and starts with the Dr. showing up and giving his name at the start of an episode .... he has done this a few times but not often.

    then some human - often a military officer or government official misses the name and asks "Dr. Who?"

    Hello I am Dr. J____  S____



    Dr. Who ?


    I do not recall exactly what episodes have done it but I know that it happened back in the 70's with at least one of the classic Dr.'s


    recently I loved the Ep where the lady did not know she was converted to a Daleck Body and made them all forget the Dr. and they all started saying "Dr. Who, Dr. Who......"  that one was great!


    his name he gave may have well been a fake as it's so very very common Wink