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    @Bass: If I was a MS developer, I'd be begging Microsoft to open source just one technology, dotnet. Actually there's no need to OS it, just a broad no-sue policy thank you.I believe that is what Miguel de Icaza is praying every night for (had he not been atheist, if not mistaken). BTW Microsoft developers, Miguel is one of your bestest friends ever.

    But OS-ing dotnet would be too much for a patent troll Wink Also Microsoft developers are so full of fud that they think it's better for them if things stay the same, that is let the master keep the leads. As an outsider it's fun to watch it wither to obsecurity because of that, and see the spring that's taking place right before our eyes elsewhere (if you don't think we live in the most exciting time technology-wise, I pity you).

    Most of the other technologies, say winserver, are meh. Who needs 'em. We don't need more APIs that do the same. So Linux does 70% of what winserver does, that's good enough. MS can keep winserver. It will never rule. Same goes for SQL SERVER. Same for VS. I want a web-based IDE. An open one.

    Now re desktop win. It's good. It's very optimized. It's debugged. I'm not kidding when I say it's the best. {Now if it only had POSIX underneath it things would be perfect Wink} I see no problem paying for it.

    EDIT: Another example IE. It's very fast now, maybe the fastest. It has some nice features, autocorrect for example, but do I want it open-sourced? Well, is it cross-platform? No? Then no thanks. MS can keep it private. We have enough open engines. Opera would be more interesting to look at then IE.