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    I'd like to see in Windows 9 MUCH better support for Windows Store style apps for business and internal use.

    Keep allowing us to produce Windows Store apps like we can today, using the walled garden approach/full screen/etc.

    But also allow us in Visual Studio to mark in the manifest that the app is for internal or business use, not for distribution in the Windows Store. By checking that box, it tells Visual Studio that we have extended access to the Metro API's that are currently restricted in Windows Store apps, allows you to produce apps that can run windowed/resizable etc. Oh and make enterprise loading of 'Internal Modern Apps' as easy as it is with Winform apps , forcing enterprises to pay $30 per computer for a certificate so you can use your own developed metro apps on your own computers, inside your own enterprise is beyond ridiculous. A simple Click Once type install would be perfect.

    Background to this is there's a few of our internal admin and merchandising apps we would love to move from Winform/WPF and redo using Metro technologies. But there's no way our users want them running full screen. We're also staying well away from the hell that is Microsoft's implementation of side loading Metro style apps for enterprises.


    After that I'd just like to see Microsoft spending much more time getting the fine details right - especially on the consumer end.
    I love my Surface, and since I got it I have only turned on my iPad to test my iOS apps. I'm going to be at Best Buy first thing Saturday picking up a Surface Pro, I think they're both great devices, especially for V1, but the apps that came with it should have clean knocked the ball out of the park.

    Don't get me wrong, they're not bad, but things like the mail, music, photos apps feel rushed and not thought through properly. Photos app where you can't easily view the contents of the SD card full of photos you have just inserted - clear madness! etc. etc.
    I know the internal apps will get better as time goes on, but that's not the point - they need to come out of the door running every single time. They really do need to make it easy and obvious to integrate your desktop, tablet, x-box so it all works seamlessly and effectively. They always get SO close and screw up the last bits...

    This is typical Microsoft -they get 80% of the way there but miss the last 20%. As we say often here at my office - "The Microsoft XYZ looks awesome, I wonder how they'll screw this one up". Sad really, but I'm hopeful that we'll see more improvements with their renewed focus, especially now that the press seem a little less willing to let Apple get away with everything just because they're Apple.