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    Yikes, now they have pissed-off the military:

    The military is the largest employer in the USA and heavily composed of 18-35 year old males, the primary target group for video games. That's a customer that no console maker should make enemies with. Pissing them off is stooooopid.

    But oh well, pissing off developers is also something that no software company should do, yet Microsoft did exactly that with their WPF and Silverlight policy, or even the Visual Studio 2012 release. Seriously - that version caused so much controversy over something so easy to fix, yet MS took instead the route to alienate developers, in times when they need them most, than moving one iota.

    Restricting WP8 development to Windows 8 - Given the bottom-pit marketshare of Windows Phone compared to Android and iOS, Microsoft should make it possible to develop on XP for it! Even if would cost millions to make it happen.

    Android is doing exactly that:

    Android  is the market leader, they don't need to offer the option, but they did. Yet MS is restricting development for their underdog phone offering only to their most controversial OS of all time. Niche marketshare, yet monopoly arrogance.

    It also begs the question why Google, a third party, is so easily able to make their Android SDK tools available for all Windows versions since XP, while Microsoft seems to have such severe problems supporting anything other than 8. No matter whether it's because of technical challenges, politics, or some kind of insane marketing approach. Any of these reasons is pathetic compared to the competiton, given that MS is the first party of the OS, the SDK, the development IDE and WP.

    Now the usual suspects can call me troll of course, doesn't change the fact something is seriously wrong with the "NuMicrosoft" style. My viewpoint is surely not fringe, especially outside this forum.

    Microsoft is now even creating controversy outside of tech circles. Quote from Navytimes:

    "Do I think Microsoft is going to change?" writes Hruska in a recent post.
    "Honestly, no. The remarks that've come out to date paint a picture of a company
    that's so drunk on its own Kool-Aid, they aren't listening to outside criticism
    or commentary any longer."