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    , magicalclick wrote


    FYI, your point two doesn't seem to be related to my point two. I wasn't talking about tax. I was talking about predicted transactions caused by the forced tax. The consequences of predicted transaction usually are bad all around.

    I'm talking about the transaction too. Somebody dumping parts of a large holding happen all the time. So what?

    As I said, it's not a forced tax. You do not have to accept any inheritance. If you want to keep the holdings, sell off part of it and pay the * tax.

    And if you happen to inherit a significant percentage of the stock and need to sell, you don't have to sell it all at once and cause the stock to plummet. Nobody is that stupid. You spread out the sales. As I said, you have at minimum 105 days to sell before you pay the tax liability and that's only if you happen to take ownership on Dec 31st of a given tax year.