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    , blowdart wrote


    You really need to stop getting hung up on the idea of Neoptism being a purely European disease. As for banking corruption, come on, are you kidding me? It was pretty much US lending and securitization that brought the world wide banking system down. As for easy to find work, I think you'll find 10%-15% of the US population have a different view.


    Umm that seriously makes no sense Tongue Out

    Yes it does make sense. Greeks are livid about EU micromanagement forcing Austerity against EU membership. That means it is international in nature. Greeks see other nations meddling with their business, plus, and more the case I can imagine, is disgust with their own corrupt leadership.

    The article I read distinguished southern EU countries as badly nepotistic. I read it, I didn't write it.

    Hung up? Just asking for the big picture. I've only been around the world once, and I missed all the nice places.

    .NET programmers can find work under rocks here. That 10-15% do not write .NET code. We do.

    Regarding Wall Street polluting the world's economy, I agree. What to do?