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    Maddus Mattus

    Good, I see you edited some constructiveness into your post.

    And isn't being successful bad if only 1% of the population can become successful?

    No. Because in the wake of that 1% will be the 99% who get wealthier (not rich, wealthier).

    You see nothing wrong with CEOs making several hundred times as much as their workers?

    No. You get paid close to what you produce. If that is little, you get paid little.

    So if a CEO employs a million people and he takes 1%, he will very fast make hundred times more then they do. But they still earn close to what they produce and if they don't like the percentage, they are free to move elsewhere. 

    What do you propose? A tax on the top? So that he has to take even a bigger share of the income, so that the little guy get's even less wage, but now he is dependent on government, who also takes a cut?

    You see nothing wrong with an economic system that fosters 99% of population to be failures?

    No. It's a profit and loss system, we can't all be winners.

    What would you like as a solution? Everybody wins? How would you go about implementing that? Communism?

    What happened to your "lift people up from poverty" bullshit you keep spewing about capitalism? We have 50 million people living on food stamps now. 

    Yes, and you are willing to spend even more of their money on stimulus packages to give to large corporations, KUDOS!

    Or did you miss that the FED is going to print 40 BILLION a MONTH bailing out the banks and their CEO's?

    The solution is not MORE government control, but LESS.

    Make sure you don't have to learn the lesson we are learning over here.