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EU opportunity for good jobs < nepotism; albeit DE

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    , magicalclick wrote


    FYI, your point two doesn't seem to be related to my point two. I wasn't talking about tax. I was talking about predicted transactions caused by the forced tax. The consequences of predicted transaction usually are bad all around.

    I'm talking about the transaction too. Somebody dumping parts of a large holding happen all the time. So what?

    As I said, it's not a forced tax. You do not have to accept any inheritance. If you want to keep the holdings, sell off part of it and pay the * tax.

    And if you happen to inherit a significant percentage of the stock and need to sell, you don't have to sell it all at once and cause the stock to plummet. Nobody is that stupid. You spread out the sales. As I said, you have at minimum 105 days to sell before you pay the tax liability and that's only if you happen to take ownership on Dec 31st of a given tax year.

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    , ScanIAm wrote


    Oh, shut the f*ck up.

    Finally, a salient answer. Thanks.

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    , JohnAskew wrote


    Yes it does make sense. Greeks are livid about EU micromanagement forcing Austerity against EU membership. That means it is international in nature. Greeks see other nations meddling with their business, plus, and more the case I can imagine, is disgust with their own corrupt leadership.

    Even if the EU hadn't pushed austerity the riots would have happened, because it's more about no jobs and no income, the EU is just an excuse, in the same way the UK riots had their excuse in a shooting of a villain.


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    , blowdart wrote


    Even if the EU hadn't pushed austerity the riots would have happened, because it's more about no jobs and no income, the EU is just an excuse, in the same way the UK riots had their excuse in a shooting of a villain.

    I have to disagree. They protest Austerity in Greece, with rocks, fire, tear gas, and bad language. Spain is also seeing protests today, though not as violent as Greece. Italy is actually ok today.

    Protests are not irrelevant nor can all riots be assessed as the domain of a permanent underclass.

    My research is showing the southern EU nations are more corrupt and (as a result) less productive than the northern EU nations. I read that these southern EU countries are rife with nepotism / cronyism so that they are effectively dysfunctional with unqualified workers. So their citizens are quite disgusted with their own government and are are primed for protests, I understand that and I agree with them. These protests include rejection of the EU member nations' forcing austerity measures against their EU membership. DE is telling them what conditions are attached to EU bailout money, and that is an international dispute by definition.

    My original question is why the chronic nepotism / cronyism in southern EU nations? It's a class system that plagues all of EU and these southern EU nations don't ever try to correct it. UK goes for corrections, and DE is freer from the feudal-based class system than any other EU nation, and is glowing with productivity like the USA usually does. It may be only a single facet in a brilliant cut regarding the issue, but how is that understanding incorrect? 

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    I don't think the Southern EU is much worse than Northern EU. Based on percentage, it appears to be higher. But, nepotism is a relatively fixed valued per employer, not percentage based.

    What I mean is, an employer's close friends/family is limited. The amount of family members in the same company is likely comparable between Northern and Southern EU. The reason of Southern EU appear to be a lot worse because the jobs opportunities are way less. If Northern EU gets to the same poor economy as Southern EU, you will likely see the difference getting closer.

    Nepotism is natural. Like I said, donation, salary raise, hire more workers, are all luxury items that can only be done when there are enough to spare.

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