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View Thread: Electronic Farts in metacritic user reviews
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    I regularly check gameplay videos and metacritic for anything that might be worth closer look and just wanted to do a lil rant about the latest "low" the industry has reached. (beyond the press and their "high scores for cash/perks" scheme)

    So I was checking out what's this new thing scoring high in the user reviews and well it's some wow-clone and I was puzzled why would such thing score so high in user scores where the rule is that you need either novel ideas and great execution or some retro appeal to score high - Meaning there's not much chance for any EA game to get high score.

    Without going to the more obvious aspects of why I believe there's paid shills spamming the user reviews, the common theme with the reviews to ignore in general is: there's no good argument for the rating of the game in the review and little if any details are mentioned.