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Erik Meijer on Dutch Prime Time TV!

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    @Charles: It's really strange seeing someone, so familiar, on a Dutch talk show. Maybe we should change Checking in with Erik Meijer to Checking in with Mr. Popular? Thanks for the link. Way to go Erik!


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    Translation?  Smiley

    Edit, after watching: 

    Ha, that's great.  It's funny to hear them speaking Englutch.  I am not sure what they were talking about specifically but all the English words in there helps to get the gist of the conversation, so I guess they discussed his history, mentioned Channel9, talked a bit about Bill Gates.  The thermometer (very cool idea); I think they were talking about how the cloud enables such devices, and I guess they mentioned that the founder worked at Apple?  Of course I remember the VBTV, brings me back.  LOL. Smiley

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    where is the real time video transcribe and translate project from MSR ?

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    @felix9: Speaking of transcriptions, it would be nice if there were some accessibility suport for the deaf around here. If it takes MSR to get there, then I guess that's what it is going to take.


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    oh at least I got the video info translated:


    Erik Meijer was appointed Professor of Cloudprogramming at the TU Delft. In addition, he is one of the main programmers at Microsoft. He along with Alexander Klöpping is tonight.


    Erik Meijer was appointed Professor Cloud Programming at TU Delft. He is one of the key programmers at Microsoft. Together with Alexander Klöpping he is a guest tonight.

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    "Erik Meijer is benoemd als hoogleraar ‘Cloudprogramming’ aan de TU Delft. Daarnaast is hij één van de belangrijkste programmeurs bij Microsoft. Samen met Alexander Klöpping is hij vanavond te gast."

    Translated to:


    Erik Meijer was appointed Professor of Cloudprogramming at the TU Delft. In addition, he is one of the main programmers at Microsoft. He along with Alexander Klöpping is tonight.


    Erik Meijer was appointed Professor Â'Cloudprogramming at TUDelft. He is Ã © Ã © n of the key programmers at Microsoft.Together with Alexander Kla  pping he is a guest tonight.

    Bing missed the word "guest" for some reason, but I think Bing wins this one. Bing handled the Unicode encoding just fine, but Google didn't.

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    Maddus Mattus

    They are talking about how cloud is something to store files in.

    And that Erik has worked on some patents with Bill.

    It's a really shallow show, they did mention Channel9 tho, wonder why I was not envited Smiley

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    Maddus Mattus

    I'll post a transcription minute by minute, session might time out and I lose the text Smiley

    Sorry for my weird English translation sometimes,.. but hey,.. Smiley

    0:00 Matthijs van Nieuwkerk (MvN): He belongs to the absolute top programmers at Microsoft, without him we would not have the apps we all use on out smartphones.

    0:11 MvN: He is now the boss of the cloud at Microsoft. Soon we will store all our films pictures and music somewhere in the air, so that we can access them all over the world. He lives in Seattle but is here for a short time, because he was awarded a seat at the Technical University Delft yesterday, Erik Meijer and next to him our own Alexander Klöpping.

    0:26 MvN: Good to have you here, for a very short period in the Netherlands. Nice, eyecathing t-shirt. Can I put it that way? You gave me a choice of t-shirt from six t-shirts.

    0:35 Erik Meijer (EM):  exactly

    0:36 MvN: All six looked alike. You only wear these types of t-shirts.

    0:39 EM: I only wear these types of t-shirts. Actually I am a hippie, but the hair wont cooporate.

    0:48 MvN: In that sence, you answer to all qualifications of a nerd (geek), who eats pizza, dresses funny, well,.. let's call it eye catching. And in the mean time you dictate what's going on in the world.

    0:59 EM: That's right.

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    Maddus Mattus

    1:00 EM: The whole world is turning digital, everything is digital and the programmers now run the world.

    1:11 MvN: How did you, when did you, when did they discover you? How did Microsoft found out you existed and why did they want you?

    1:20 EM: Back in 1999 I was UAD in Utrecht...

    1:23 MvN: UAD?

    1:25 EM: UAD? University Head Teacher and there was a partnership with Microsoft. They wanted to develop new products and they wanted feedback of academics and business. Then I've worked for together with Microsoft for two years, then they asked me; do you want to come here and work for us? And I thought; yeah, that sounds like fun!

    1:48 MvN: Did Bill Gates ask you personally?

    1:50 EM: No that was not Bill Gates himself. But I did talk to Bill Gates on several occasions. He didn't leave his bed to (simultanious with MvN) welcome you to Microsoft.



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    Maddus Mattus

    2:03 MvN: He now knows perfectly who you are?

    2:04 EM: He now knows who I am.

    2:06 MvN: You applied for some patents together?

    2:06 EM: We applied for some patents together, yes.

    2:06 MvN: That means that you have sit together in the same room thinking up new ideas?

    2:17 EM: Yes, we put together a group of about 15 men. They then get together and do a bit of a jam-session kind of like a band, they make a song together and we think up, invent something together.

    2:27 MvN: Before I am going back to Alexander, I am going introduce you more fully. Channel9! Is a channel that belongs to Microsoft, that only programmers visit but there are a lot of those in the world, they talk your language, Jort and I don't speak that at all, so we will just see what's happening there. They could just interview you about something,. No, you appear with your head in a box, because people think that is funny? I presume?.

    2:49 MvN: This is very popular, this is being watched all over the world and this make you very popular.

    2:53 EM: Yes, actually, on Channel9 I am you!

    2:57 MvN: Ok, excuse me.

    *All laugh*

    2:59 MvN: Ok, show a little piece.

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    Maddus Mattus

    3:43 MvN: Alexander, do you understand this?

    3:44 Alexander Klopping (AK): I understand a large part of it, from long ago. This is a bit old.

    3:50 EM: Yes, this is from 2003, I think.

    3:54 MvN: how, how, how, yes, how big is Erik?

    3:57 AK: When a dutch guy can send an email of two lines of text to Steve Ballmer and Steve actually answers, then you are on the right track.


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    Maddus Mattus

    4:06 MvN: Did you know he existed?

    4:08 AK: Yes, ofcourse!

    4:09 MvN: What did he invent, thought up, what Jort and I would consider; that's awesome!

    4:15 AK: With these types of things, it's not that easy to say; he invented this or that. He is one of those types that make changes in the whole wich causes everything to change. They change a small cog wich radically changes the world we live in.

    4:35 AK: He did very important work on the cloud. The way we are going to store files.

    4:41 MvN: I don't know what could is! Can you explain it to me like you would explain it to a four year old?

    4:44 AK: No, no, I can do this! OK, so, when you take a picture, then you save this to the harddrive of your computer. It's actually very weird that everybody has their own harddrive. In the past, companies had to put their generators outside. We thought, we will let the power companies deal with this. We created a powergrid and we will connect to it and then those generators are put somewhere else. This is how you need to see the cloud.

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    Maddus Mattus

    5:11 AK: The cloud is a huge datacenter, by companies like Microsoft, google and amazon, they make huge buildings above and below ground, that are jam packed with harddisks. So that picture no longer risides on your harddrive, but on theirs in the cloud, on internet.

    5:28 AK: The advantage of this is, that is very fat, that you now have your picture not only computer but on your mobile and television! You can now access your files, from all your devices. That's very convienent!

    5:43 MvN: Sounds like an small apple and a small egg. (maddus: sounds easy)

    5:44 AK: He built the cement that enables this to work. So he is actually a hero!

    5:49 MvN: He's a hero!

    5:55 Jort Kelder (JK): I've heard you talk for 10 minutes about the holy gospel of Steve Jobs, because Apple was great!,  and all I hear people say is Microsoft is prehistoric, outragous, theft of patents, it was a disaster, there he is! And now you are drooling all over him, what's going on?

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    Maddus Mattus

    6:04 AK: This is not about Microsoft vs. vs. vs. Apple! No really!

    6:12 JK: Microsoft is paying his salary.

    6:13 AK: Yeah ok, but, this is not just about Windows, this is beyond that. This is about what the internet looks like in four years time. Now everybody still owns their personal harddrive, in the future everybody will own their own phone and tablet, and we want that all the movies and music we buy are availible on those devices. And that's a fundamental change in the way we use computers nowadays. The computer will turn into a terminal and everything that happens will happen in that cloud datacenter.

    6:44 MvN: That's all about the cloud, done! A thermostat app. I believe this idea came to life when you entered about an hour ago and you talked to Alexander about it, we are going to watch, what is so special about this? You are the one who thought this up?

    6:53 EM: Well, no, I did not thought it up, but we where geeking. Do you have a thermostat at home?


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    Maddus Mattus

    7:00 MvN: Excuse me, geeking?

    7:02 EM: Geeking! That's when geeks talk about technology.

    7:06 MvN: I have a thermostat at home, for sure!

    7:08 EM: Do you understand how it works?

    7:09 MvN: I understand a little about it.

    7:13 JK: I don't have a thermostat, I have no idea.

    7:16 EM: A lot of people dont understand, I dont understand how it works, I always set it to twenty degrees (Celcius) and when it's cold I set it to twentytwo degrees. Then my wife gets angry and puts it back to twenty. But this is a thermostat that is intelligent, it learns, it knows when set the theromostat it will eventually know what you are doing. And you can control it from your phone. So when you are stuck in traffic, and you come home late, and the thermostat knows that you are home around five, but today I am late, then you can dail it down from your phone.

    7:46 MvN: Lets have a look!

    7:48 EM: It's sooooo pretty! It's so pretty!

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    ah, cloud translation ! nice work ! thank you very much !

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    Maddus Mattus

    8:14 MvN: He's very excited about it, man!

    8:15 EM: This is beautifull! There's a PC in that thing! That awesome!

    *All laugh*

    8:20 MvN: Besides that you created the foundations for us to create apps, let's not forget that, that's your accomplishment, you should be awarded for that, you thought up two apps yourself. One when you drive into a dangerous neighbourhood, the rough part of Los Angeles or Seattle, it automatically locks the doors on your car? Is that right?

    8:40 EM: That's one of the many patents that we discussed earlyer, patents, brainstorming, this is a patent I hold with Bill Gates. It's called the guardian angel. What you would like is that the computer helps to protect you.

    8:56 EM: For example, when you are driving somewhere, and the computer can access statistics about crime, wich you don't know about, and here in the Netherlands it's not neccesairy because it's safe, but in the USA there are parts of a city you don't want to stop in. Even when the light is red, you drive on!

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