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View Thread: Erik Meijer will show off IL2JS with triangles on 28, Sep.
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    So, is this finally Microsoft's answer to GWT? It seems that they are not quite comparable since GWT is JAVA=>JavaScript and this would be IL=>JavaScript.

    In theory this is greater then GWT, since you can use other DOTNET languages. For example IronPython=>JavaScript and IronRuby=>JavaScript etc. But these projects are barely breathing, as far as I can tell, and Microsoft ecosystem is 99% C# (where as the Java ecosystem is more diverse).


    A few observations:

    • It seems that Google went on to the post-GWT era (dart...)
    • Douglas Crockford would have made fun of this, just as he does of GWT - he says Google used GWT to make Java really run everywhere Smiley.