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Excel hell

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    Wondering if anyone else has experienced any similar issues with Excel 2007 on Win7.

    We have tons of legacy crystal reports that the biz still findes extremely useful. Ever since we upgraded everyone to Win7 and Office 2007 from XP Office 2003 we are seeing some disturbing issues that we can't seem to resolve.

    Previously, (pre Win7/office 2007) when we exported our cyrstal reports to Excel, they would print to 1 page wide. Ever since the upgrade the pages wrap to 2 pages in width.


    Yes, we can manually go in and say "fit all columns to one page" in the printer settings, but performing this task 250 times a day doesn't really make the users happy.

    We are planning on retiring all of our crystal reports at the end of this year, so we do nopt want to spend cycles modifying the reports themselves.


    Clearly, this directly related to either the office 2007 or win 7 upgrade (or both), is there some way to easily resolve this?

    Even if I could somehow default the printer options to the "fit all columns on one page" setting, I think that may be acceptable as a stop gap.

    Any ideas? I have spent 2 days trying to think about a solution and I am stumped and grumpy.


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    Sounds like Excel 2007 has a larger default font size or default column width.  Check out the global preferences in Excel.

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    I spent 3 months coding some crystal reports reports. The experience was just as bad as the time spent trying to get my mind around access 2010. I am kind of cynical about these things, but I came to the conclusion that business objects designs its products to require a $2500 support contract to be useable.


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    Speaking from years of Crystal Reports experience, check to see if the CR redistributable is the same version.  If it isn't, you might need to recompile your report using the newer editor.

    If that doesn't work, I would create a blank xltx with the print options set to fit to one page wide, and save it in your XLSTART folder.


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    We recently upgrade from Crystal 9 to Crystal XI and had some strange printer issues. I think 9 wasn't setting some values that XI does. I couldn't find a way around it.

    Since the problem came up when you upgraded to Office 2007, I'd take a look at the default settings in Excel. Different font, font size, page margins - any of it could cause what you're seeing.


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