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View Thread: Excellent Documentary on WikiLeaks and Julian Assange
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    @ZippyV: I'm amazed since it sounds like a lot of "grown-ups seem" to play the game too. My two boys(10 & 12) play it all the time and love it, as well as Blockland and Roblox.

    Unfortunately Lego Universe is something I deem as a big failure.If my two boys didn't get into Lego Universe then the game didn't hit the mark.They spent so much time doing missions and no time actually building they soon got bored of it. Sad it had a lot of potential, but I think the game was poorly managed.

    My 10 year old also went onto my rack server we have at home and put on a Blockland service server of his own(I had no idea how to run it as a service). I have no idea how he did that Smiley