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    I used to work with a guy who regularly worked as an extra - just for the fun of it.  Anyway long story short it looks like I am going to be part of a crowd scene in Sam Mendes upcoming Henry IV/Vth adaptations which are being filmed locally (Gloucestershire).  I'm planning on taking my camera along for a few snaps but wondered if anyone had any experience / tips they could share of this kind of thing?  I'm guessing there is going to be a lot of hanging around so thought I would take my laptop along and do a bit of coding, practical?

    Shame of it is its just turned icy cold in the last couple of days ...

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    Dr Herbie

    My only tip would me to make sure your camera isn't visible while they film Tongue Out

    And don't be surprised if you don't make it to the final film, a lot gets cut along the way.


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    Yeah like Dr. Herbie said:  a lot gets cut so you may never see your bit.

    if you can get talkingn to the right folks it may help you get a good bit and even some access to stuff. i was around some films when i was a teen in California, if you are talking to some one on the directing / producing staff you can go anywhere they go w/o getting stopped by security most of the time.  I also knew a business that had a door that opened into the parking lot they used for the makup / wardrobe vans ... so i got in there and started talking to someone as a walked out....

    but that was a few years ago ... around 1980-85  more or less.

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    One tip. You might be in a crowd scene, but get used to standing around for several hours doing nothing for a 30 second shot. Bring snacks and something to do. In TV/movies, being an extra usually means sitting around playing cards for 12 hours.

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    @Harlequin:I have heard it can be a bit boring but this being the BBC they said they would give me a call on my mobile an hour before I am needed so doesn't sound too bad (filming is also in the Cathedral which is town centre so Starbucks is an option for a bit of extra work time).  Got my costume fitting at 4:15 tommorrow.  Sadly (I think) they rang this afternoon and asked me if I could do next week as well (typical I am over here/there next week) Still, one day might be enough for the novelty to wear off! 

    Looking forward to freezing my butt off at the moment though!

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    Had to bounce this as this preview looks awesome! I recognise the four scenes in the middle from my 'Noble Mourner' day starting with John Hurt (all filmed in Gloucester Cathedral).  Didn't know that Patrick Stewart also features.  I think Tom Hiddlestone came straight from finishing Avengers Assemble.

    Fabulous cast for a TV adaptation, can't wait to see it/them.


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