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    Dr Herbie

    @bobonecoupon: No, I'm endorsing the good humour which characterises this forum; it is not uncommon for someone to post a mildly sarcastic, or silly response, but it easy for most of us to tell when it is done with good humour.  

    Both magicalclick and AndyC know each other well enough to take a little dig at each other now and again. 

    ,bobonecoupon wrote

    @Dr Herbie: I would love to see if you would continue to post on these forums if after everything you said someone posted a snarky image about it. 

    Snarky images are the least of what's been put my way over the years; but I'm a grown up and can take whatever other forum users throw at me, thank you.

    @magicalclick: No, this is a perfectly good place to discuss these things.  You have every right to complain and AndyC has every right to point out it's a free service.  @bobonecoupon even has the right to point out that you pay with information, if he can manage to do it without being rude.