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    Only having half the space available to you is rather slim. I can definitely see his point there.

    Then again, those 16 gigs of occupied space aren't wasted. He bought a tablet that he knew would have Office installed, and there it is, occupying space. If he didn't want that, he should've bought a tablet without Office, and he probably knew that. It's not wasted if it's being put to use for the things you bought the device for.

    Then again: that's still a lot of ocuppied space for just Office and Windows.

    Then again, if the free space is indeed marked on the box: caveat emptor. It's dissapointing, yes, but lawsuit material?

    I guess there's more than one way to look at this story and I either don't care or am not fanboy/anti-fanboy enough to write an enraged forum post about it either way.