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    , fabian wrote

    and Trolls are the cure?

    Everything is better than the boiz.

    Microsoft fanboys will doom the company. Look what this fanboi idiot is saying:

    Win 8 is so great

    Most of the Windows 8 reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Only if you only take crApple fanbois' words you'd think otherwise.

    What what? overwhelmingly positive? Is he living on planet Earth?

    Have you heard of Desktop Linux? Desktop Linux is in its sorry state in huge part because their damn freetard fanboys. If they wouldn't fap over every * the tard masters were doing, Linux wouldn't be a one percenter since over twenty years.

    Microsoft got the same disease as well. In the long term, haters are better for a company than fanboys. Haters drive a company and they keep the idiots from screwing up too much. Fanboys do the complete opposite.