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    I am at a loss for words. In the weeks leading up to the launch of Channel 9 we did not know precisely what our content would be. We were working late, getting the site ready to go live and Bryn Waibel, one of our original developers came running down the hall saying, "there is only one space after a period!". "This is it, this is our content".

    I thought he had lost his mind, but he went on to say how you have to see this video from Bill Hill and how he goes on to say how Windows is not the most important OS, not Linux, nor the Macintosh. We went to Bryn's office watched classic Bill Hill on Bryn's machine and we then knew what we'd show. Those videos became some of our first content and drove us to where we are today.

    Thank you Bill. Bless your soul and thank you for your time with us here.

    We are indebted to you. Heavy hearts to Bill's family.

    -Jeff Sad