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    @Dan: I mostly mean helping new people on C9 to figgure out who's replies to add more value to. Surfacing the "most helpfull niner" to the public. I'm thinking about little stuff.

    # A ranking for posts to build up a ranking for the user. Like most forum and stackoverflow have. A
    'star-rating' based on the total numer of posts and how they were value by the community. Another way would be if you get a certain 'rank' you get an image like the one saing 'microsoft' of the 'C9 guy' watermark in your posts indicating you are a respected community member. The other way is the scale would be a warning you are 'trolling' and showing a troll or something to warn first time users not to feed it...

    # Show below avatar how many posts you have made in total.

    # Show number of views for threads. Because people don't always respond to threads they are following, but still like the content.

    So that's what I mean with user centric. I'm not talking about fixing layout bugs or personal user stuff like video queue's and notifications, although those are important to, but about better interaction between (new and old) niners.