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    @evildictator & vesuvius:

    Indeed, and altough I understand the concerns of 'rating people' might end up giving people with different oppinions then the mass having a lower score. I think most website's have proven such a system to work well in the general public. Also, people who tend to have different oppionions on each and every subject brought up will most deffinetly be trolls.

    However, we would not be rating people but rate individual posts to form a score of the person. It would stimulate people to write more tought out responses and provide feedback to first time users. Google ends up in the C9 coffeehouse a lot.

    It would also make stuff like "Nineys" a bit more objective and discourage people to feeding the trolls. A general moderator has more power but can sometimes act less fast. Just look at the post of beer the last couple of weeks. Their is nothing to really ban him so he does not get banned but if the community would have its way he would have been labbeled a 'troll' by now.

    Labeling people is generally a bad idea. You don't want to walk arround the streets with a label 'Thief' on your shirt because you stole something years ago. However if you keep stealing stuff you will get labbeled by a system and if you get into a store their might be a "wanted" poster of you behind the desk to warn people. In short: we need a online justice system! Tongue Out

    Also: it would be nice to know how many of the readers of this post agree with my statements or thus what rating the above semi rant would get. People love to be loved.