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    ,exoteric wrote

    The most important aspect of C9 to me is the videos so I don't pay that much attention to forum development, although it's annoying to post to the forums on an iPad, because you end up with one text blob without any paragraphs. So things like that could be handled.

    As for Connect, it looks and feels quite inferior to something like User Voice, and I also believe one or more Microsoft teams use that service for community involvement, both in terms of bug reports, feature suggestions and general product discussion.

    In a way Connect and Channel 9 are topically linked but I don't know if it'd be a good idea to bring them together. Could be. In any event, Connect should receive more "care".

    and it's full of bugs....

    for example i can login from one pc and it has the threads i was watching.

    but if i login from another pc they are gone.

    also i can't navigate from a list of threads to read one and "go back" to the list i had , the stupid tabs on the one page re-load everything back to the defaults and i then have to re-set or find what page is was on and wate time getting back to the next item.

    when it was in beta years back (ladybug) it was cool and useable.... now? it's junk.