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    @CKurt: Taking a step back, we've had a lot of things come down the pipeline for Channel 9 and some had to happen sooner versus later, like the Events section and Coding4Fun integration. That isn't bad and overall it's great that instead of having to go to 10 different sites for 10 different event content, you have one place for Microsoft events.

    In terms of other features that I think everyone agrees on:

    • Email notifications -  for comments on a video or forum thread. Not only will this help conversation, this should also help
    • Video Queue - There's a couple of ways you could make this work - Make it a private queue, add the option for making your queue public, add a way to make a "list of videos", more like Amazon or Twitter lists where someone could make wholly custom lists.
    • Improve C9 on devices - This would be for phone apps, iPad, Xbox, and TV


    Another one we've discussed that I think would be useful would be "content suggestions", much like Amazon or Netflix, this would be a people who like This Week on Channel 9 also liked reading a Kinect programming tutorial. As a Netflix subscriber, I discover a lot of good content based on my ratings for previous content. Just recently the series Firefly was rated 4.9/5 for me based on previous ratings and it was right Smiley

    As always, your feedback is welcome and we should clean up the way we take feedback.