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    ,CKurt wrote

    # Show below avatar how many posts you have made in total.

    That's meaningless.  Having a lot of posts does not equate to having posts with valuable content.

    # Show number of views for threads. Because people don't always respond to threads they are following, but still like the content.

    Again, that's meaningless.  Just because people are viewing the thread doesn't mean they find the content useful.  It just means they found the title interesting enough to read further.

    User-ranking of other posts just degrades into uprating posts one agrees with and downrating posts one disagrees with.  Few people rate posts/users at all in any volume, so the results become very skewed to the opinions of a few users.  These are ego-stroking systems that promote prolific posting, often at the expense of quality posting.

    It doesn't take very long reading a forum to figure out which users are posting valuable content and which users are along for the ride.  Judge the posts by their content, not how many stars it has or what the post count is.


    As for updates, the post editor needs to be at the top of the list.