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    ,evildictait​or wrote

    ++ On the formatting / CSS thing. This textbox for adding comments is often less useful than a default <textarea> and the server isn't good at sanitising out unmatched </divs> which is usually the thing that utterly derails the formatting of a thread.

    To be honest, a TXT button next to the HTML button in the bar that gives you a <textarea> rather than a funky wysiwyg editor is probably good enough for me and would reduce the amount of suck in C9.


    On another issue, I strongly disagree with the notion that users of this/any forum should be allowed to ban or label other members in the forum - it leads to incestuous thinking. Sure C9 has it's trolls, but I'd prefer an admin ban abusive members and decides to close threads than allowing the community to ban people on spurious grounds such as disagreeing with the prevailing opinion. It's bad for discussions and its bad for the community. I do however think that threads relating to "OMG Microsoft is a conspiracy" and any thread to do with politics should be actively closed more quickly by the admins.

    the real problem with trolls is that so many folks seem to be un able to just not post replies ...

    i see just about every day that a certain entity we all know quite well make some kind of bait post and at least 2-4 folks feed it like they love it.

    so if that is what the users are going to do then no kind of ban hammer will ever work that i can imagine.